Student Management System by Cyberpassion is for education institutes to manage student data online on the cloud. Work that’s been done on paper and maintained in large stacks of file can now be done on the online ERP by Cyberpassion. Everything from submitting fee, to printing fee slips, uploading documents, viewing daily cash reports, printing exam report cards can be done easily.

Cyberpassion ERP eliminates the pesky task of keeping and maintaining files as the same data could be easily maintained and fetched just with a simple click of a button.

Some of the features includes,

  1. Student Enquiry, Admission: Perform Student Registration and Admission in easy steps.
  2. Fee Submission: Submit Student Fee as per Institute’s Fee Structure. Take it monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly or yearly.
  3. Document Upload & Printing: Upload Student Image or any Document. Get prints of uploaded document, fee slips, reports and everything else.
  4. Report Generation: Get virtually any report – student list, cash report, dues report and export to any format you need including Excel and PDF.
  5. Exam Result: Carrier classes by Professionals, Business Tycoons, Govt. Departmental Head, Motivators.
  6. SMS Notifications: Admission, Fee Submission and all important events and messages are notified to students using SMS.
  7. Attendance: Student Daily Attendance can be added directly to the system and absent notification can be delivered through SMS.
  8. Android App: Android app allows parent to view student status in institute and communicate with the management.
  9. 25+ Additional Features: Add features like Online test, Employee entry and many more to maximize use of the App.