With over 200+ Clients, Cyberpassion is a start-up based in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India developing ERPs for biz.

With over 400+ sales with 250+ customers, Cyberpassion is a startup based in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh developing SaaS products. Founded in 2017, our SaaS products include Student Management System, Hospital/Clinic Management, Lead Management System, Sales Visit Management System, Service Management System, Online Grievance Redressal System, Library Management System.

Our products cover sectors like,

  1. Education Sector: School, College and Coaching Institutes.
  2. Healthcare: Hospital and Clinics.
  3. Business with Lead Generation as Priority: Business involved in tele-calling and lead generation for themselves or third-party clients.
  4. Business with Sales as Priority – Business selling any product – SMS, CCTV Cameras, Apparel or virtually any goods and service.
  5. Service Based Business – Every other business focussing on keeping track of incoming service requests providing quality after-sale service.

Our Journey

May 2017

Humble Beginning, Got our first client with sale of Student Management System.

Dec 2018

Achieved our 100th Sale. Launched Grievance Redressal System focussing on AICTE affiliated colleges.

Sept 2019

Achieved our 250th Sale.

Dec 2020

Launched Hospital Management System for hospitals and clinics.

Mar 2021

Got our 400th Sale.

Aug 2021

Launched Lead Management System, Sales Visit Management System, Service Management System for businesses.

Feb 2022

Office in Ajmer with a plan to target western part of India.

Mar 2022

Office in Bhopal with a plan to target central India.

Jan 2023
Launched UdyogX and UdyogX Trains
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