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We help businesses run efficiently.

Cyberpassion ERPs help business from sectors like Education, Healthcare, Sales and Service Based Industries.

Student Management System

Eliminates the pesky task of storing student data, documents, cash information, exam reports cards, attendance etc in paper files by maintaining the same in a secure, centralized database. It makes storing, managing, processing, searching and analyzing of data fast and easy.

Lead Management ERP

Business is all about sales, and sales start with lead generation. We understand the importance of this hence we have developed a system using which you can easily keep track of all leads, its source, how its handled, probability of conversion, followups, status at any given time and much more.

Hospital/Clinic Management ERP

The ERP allows easy consultation management, patient entry, generating invoices, patient overall reports and more can be maintained in an easy hassle free manner. The work currently maintained in files can now easily be done on cloud using Cyberpassion ERP for hospitals and clinics.

Sales Visit Management System

Keeping track of visits by sales team is now easy with Cyberpassion ERP for sales visit. Now plan your visit a week ahead, let management know about it and when you go for a visit file a detailed visit report. Generate visit report, cash expenses, upload expense cash slips and keep the management informed about every aspect of your sales work.

Library Management System

As per recent AICTE circular, colleges are required to have a Library Management System for easily managing stock of books and perform book allotment to students in an easy, hassle-fee manner. Cyberpassion provides Online Library Software with bar-code scanner for keeping stock of books and perform allotment of books to students and employees.

Grievance Redressal System

Grievance Redressal System or GRS is an online system that allows Student, Employee and Parent to send their Grievances directly to College Administration and get it redressed online in an easy, hassle-fee manner. This is much quicker than contacting college personally to get it redressed.

Filling Station Management System

Keeping track of quantity of fuel in filling stations, sales performed, matching sales to detect fraud and more is now possible with Cyberpassion ERP for filling stations. Just enter quantity of fuel unloaded from trucks, dip reading and sales data and system will generate reports matching everything. Apart from that, keep information of debit and credit details of customers and do more with our ERP.

Dynamic, E-Commerce Websites

Having a website is a necessity for business of any size these days. Cyberpassion has developed more than 150 websites for schools, colleges and business across India. We provide custom website design with unlimited pages, one-time free installation, one-year free maintaintenance with every website. Also clients get full admin control over website that allows them to easily add and update content like announcements.

Android & iOS E-Commerce App Development

We develop high quality, hybrid e-commerce android and iOS apps for businesses. Be it a grocery store, an apparel store or any other we could provide you a solution at a very affordable price. The app interface is easy to use for customers to come and place order, as well as its very easy for store managers to view orders, print invoices, generate offers and coupons, view sales report and lots more.

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