The Team​

Know about Cyberpassion Team

Akanksha Sharma

Business Coordinator

Akansha is the one who ensures our clients are happily using Cyberpassion products and services without any issues. From installation of software/app to providing support to redressing grievance, she is there to help.

Veer Bahadur Prajapati

Accounts Manager

Veer has been with Cyberpassion since the very begining and handles all the accounts and money related stuff. When not busy, he likes to mint money out of share market and follow political updates.

Heera Lal Sharma

Business Development Manager (UP East - MP Region)

Heera is responsible for most of the sales that we do in UP East, Madhya Pradesh and adjacent states. With his team, he does discussions and ensure we get the best client and client gets the best deal.

Ravi Sharma

CEO, Full Stack Developer

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