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Seeing the surge in demand of e-commerce apps in the market, Cyberpassion is now offering fully working ionic source code for Android and iOS platforms with full documentation and hands on training on modifying it to generate unlimited number of apps. You can just purchase code and start selling it to clients and make money from Day 1.

app front image
app front image

What You Will Get

Currently we are selling codebase (source code) of a fully working hybrid app to companies who wish to venture into app development business. Using this source code and by just modifying certain parameters unlimited number of apps can be created. We provide full documentation and hands on-training to team who wish to purchase the e-commerce app source code and start app development business. In the deal we would provide following services,

  1. The entire source code for android and iOS e-commerce app, assets, icons, flash images etc.
  2. Setup your windows and mac systems to run the source code and test the in browser and real devices – both android and iOS.
  3. Train your team to modify parameters and do customisations to create new apps. We will also provide the documentation on how to modify,
    (a) App Name and Versions.
    (b) Splash Screens, Logos, Login Background Images and More.
    (c) Buttons, Image Sizes, Color Combinations of the app.
    (d) Updating Payment gateway keys.
    (e) SMS Keys.
  4. Train the team to test app on simulators and real devices in live mode.
  5. Create Google Play Store Developer Account.
  6. Creating and setting up iOS Developer Account.
  7. To generate .apk and .aab files for android.
  8. To generate .ipa file for iOS.
  9. To sign app and upload to Google Play Store.
  10. To generate keys and upload app to iOS Store.
  11. Setting up e-commerce store for admin and configuring servers. Will also train on how to add product categories and subcategories, product description, pricing and variations, coupons, slideshows to app from backend, offers and more.
  12. Setting SMS account, DLT approval and SMS template registration.
  13. Sending order SMS Notifications to admins and clients on order confirmation.
  14. Creating payment gateway account, approval and setting up payment gateway for online payment.
  15. Guidance during launch of your first app to client within 1 year of purchase.
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