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Managing student data in education institutes is a pesky task. Files stacked over one another and if you want to search details of one student or fee details then its a time-taking task. Cyberpassion provides Student Management Software for school, colleges and coaching institutes to manage student data, perform fee submission, print fee slips, upload documents, view daily cash report, generate exam report card, enter attendance, send sms notifications, enter expense and many more stuff in just few clicks.

Work that’s been done on paper and maintained in large stacks of file previously can now be done on the online Software provided by Cyberpassion. It eliminates the pesky task of keeping and maintaining files as the same data could be easily maintained and fetched just with a simple click of a button.

With over 150 school, Cyberpassion is one of India’s leading provider of Student Management Software in institutes from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasathan, Assam, Nagaland and many more.


S.NOSetting name About UseAbout Use of HindiAbout Use of English
1Business NameCompany name dalna hai कंपनी का नाम डालना हैEnter company name
2Business Addressoffice address dalna hai ऑफिस का पता डालना हैEnter office address
3Business Phonejo phone no officially use hoga uski entry hogi जो फोन नंबर आधिकारिक तौर पर उपयोग होगा उसकी एंट्री होगीThe phone number that will be officially used will be entered
4Business Emailjo email no officially use hoga uski entry hogi जो ईमेल नं आधिकारिक तौर पर उपयोग होगा उसकी एंट्री होगीThe email number that will be used officially will be entered
5Statecompany konse state mai hai vo dalna hai कंपनी कोनसे स्टेट में है वो डालना हैIn which state the company is to be entered
6Business GSTINCompany ka GSTIN no dalna hai
7Product Sale Only When Stock is Available?*Product sale hum tabhi kar paye jab vo stock mai ho yha whi select karna hai उत्पाद की बिक्री हम तभी कर पाएंगे जब वो स्टॉक में हो या जिसे चुनना होWe will be able to sell the product only
if it is in stock or has been purchased
8Should Product Qty be calculated as per
Incoming Stock Supply?*
9GST Percentage*product ki pricing mai kitne % GST lagi hai uski entry hogi उत्पाद की कीमत दर्ज की जाएगी कि कितना प्रतिशत शुल्क लिया गया है।The price of the product will be
recorded as what percentage is charged.
10HSN CodesGST ke HSN codes jo ap chahte hai sale ki entry ke dauran show ho,
yeh ap comma lagakar daal sakte hai
“गैस्ट के हसन कोड जिन्हें आप बिक्री के प्रवेश के दौरान दिखाना चाहते हैं,
आप इसे अल्पविराम से दर्ज कर सकते हैं.
“Hassan code of the guest you want to appear during sales admission,You can enter it with a comma.”
11Sale Qty Unitsale ke units jaise kg, liters etc jo ap chahte hai show hoबिक्री के यूनिट जैसे किलो, लीटर आदि जो एपी चाहते हैं शो होunits of sale like kg, liter etc which AP want to show
12Sale Invoice Prefixsale invoice ke pehle prefix jo laga ho jaise apki company ka name UdyogX hai to
ap UDX laga sakte hai jisse invoice ke name UDX-1, UDX-2 is tarah se aaye
“सेल इनवॉइस के पहले प्रीफिक्स जो लगा हो जैसा आपकी कंपनी का नाम UdyogX है तो एपी यूडीएक्स लगा है जिसका इनवॉइस का नाम यूडीएक्स-1 है, यूडीएक्स-2 इस तरह से आया है”“The prefix that comes before the sale invoice is like your company name is UdyogX then AP UDX is applied whose invoice name is UDX-1, UDX-2 comes like this”
13Sale Invoice Start Nojo sale item ka invoice hoga uska starting invoice number kya hoga uski entry hogi जो सेल आइटम का इनवॉइस होगा उसका शुरुआती इनवॉइस नंबर क्या होगा उसकी एंट्री होगीWhat will be the initial invoice number of the sale item to be entered?
14Hide Additional Information Blockएपी यूडीएक्स लगा है जिसका इनवॉइस का नाम यूडीएक्स-1 है, यूडीएक्स-2 इस तरह से आया है”
15Default invoice type*“jeeesatee ke echesen kod jo aap chaahate hain sel kee entree ke dauran sho ho,
16Additional Information Names*ye epee koma lagaakar daal sakate hain”
17Sale Invoice Notesale invoice ke bottom me agar ap chahte hai koi common note aaye to wo daal sakte hai jaise bank detailsbikree ke yoonit jaise kilo, leetar aadi jo epee chaahate hain sho ho
18Sale Invoice Terms*sale invoice ke bottom me agar ap chahte hai koi common terms and conditions aaye to wo ap yahan daal sakte hai“sel inavois ke pahale preephiks jo laga ho jaisa aapakee kampanee ka naam udyogx hai to
19Send SMS on Sale*new sale hone pa client ko sms send krna hai vo sms dalna hai yha नई बिक्री होने पर ग्राहक को एसएमएस भेजना है वो एसएमएस डालना है यहां
20SMS Template ID*sale ke liye jo sms send hoga uski template id dalni hai सेल के लिए जो एसएमएस भेजेगा उसकी टेम्प्लेट आईडी डालनी है
21Sale SMS Templatenew sale hone pa client ko sms jo send krna hai uski entry नई बिक्री के बाद ग्राहक को भेजी जाने वाली समस्या की प्रविष्टि
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