Starting 2020, Cyberpassion is massively changing how it operates. Now we’re starting to offer reselling opportunities to firms and individuals.

What You Have To Do?
Resellers would have to sell Cyberpassion products – Student ERP, Grievance Redressal System, Library Management System, Website and Android App, and provide basic on-site/off-site support. Basic support would include visiting customer if he/she desired to and help them with working of the product and provide basic level of troubleshooting. For feature updates and high-level tasks, Cyberpassion Support team would be available to them.

What You Earn
You could become a reseller in minutes by filling up form and start earning handsome amount every month. We offer reselling for part-timers as well as full-time on contract basis. Cyberpassion offer great margin on every sale and even better margins to resellers committing to bulk orders. Part-timers and individuals would get a flat amount on every sale or percentage of the order value (excluding tax). For those, who’re committing to long term contracts can get much higher, upto 2X amount/percentage of orders.

Part-time and Long-term Commitment
You could become reseller on part-time as well as long-term basis. Part-time reselling have delayed payouts and lesser magin. On the other hand, long-term commitments give you an increased revenue (upto 2X) but it requires more, dedicated effort on your part. Please visit reseller terms page for more details.

Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Payouts
Resellers get payments directly to bank account on monthly/quarterly/annual basis. Payment schedule is different for part-time and long-term commitments. Please visit reseller payment FAQ page for more information.